Building society
through women

Shequal Foundation is devoted to serving women, especially those who need us the most, to reach their fullest potential.


Let’s create a world where we will be a balance of choice and no woman will be left behind just because she represents herself as a female.

She is Equal.

Equality is not a privilege but a minimal right. 

She is Independent.

She can face the unknown with her confidence. 

She is Strong.

Every woman can achieve everything that she dreams of. 

She is Fierce.

It’s time the underdogs take the lead in these industries.

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Our Achievements

Inspiring, empowering and bringing the change to you and for you.

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Our Initiatives

“Not the half but more, we are on a journey to Inspire and empower 54.5% of the female population in  Nepal.”

Girls in Tech Nepal

Girls in Tech is a global non-profit working to bridge the gap between women and technology by engaging, educating, and empowering females of all ages in achieving their personal and professional development goals. We envision to put an end to the gender gap in tech industries by empowering women with the access and community they need to excel in tech. GIT has coordinated diverse programs and training in order to inspire and educate women who are passionate about technology.

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Women in Big Data Nepal

Women in Big Data is a global initiative that champions women ‘s advancement in Big Data and increases the inclusion of women in Big Data, delivering free training, mentorship, career positioning, networking through sponsorship funding. The WiBD’s key goal is to expand the diversity in the area of big data and analytics by inspiring and recruiting more female talents in this field and helping them interact, participate, and develop.

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Our Partners and Supporters

Shequal Foundation is supported by a number of leading companies and organizations.

We have dedicated ourselves to provide women a platform to learn, grow, and shine. We have envisioned a future where women are proactive, successful, and the leaders of tomorrow.