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Patriarchy and the differences it creates have evolved over the years, however, the core mindset remains the same. The challenges women face are the same, just in a different share. No matter where they’re born, the obstacles they’re subjected to, remain similar when broken down. This, a woman realizes very early on in her career, sometimes even during her studies. This is also what happened to Astha Sharma and Melisha Ghimire. The disparity, and the realization that life isn't the same for everyone, not just for people living in different areas of the world but even for people sitting in the same room, became apparent when they found themselves to always be the only females in rooms full of men during any crucial moment of their lives. Their path to advocacy led to “Girls in Tech”. As Co-Managing Directors, these women were now chosen to lead the first women-led international organization in Nepal, which now has 42 chapters around the globe. In a society where a girl has to think twice before expressing her choice, through GIT they equipped women in career aspects and connected them to the industry. Now, out of over 100 women whom they personally catered to, 75% are in top tech companies and serving as mentors and role models for the upcoming generation. With aspirations, came responsibilities and then, opportunities. They got access to travel the country and explore the most underrepresented communities, whose stories gave them a sense of urgency to go to the doors of these women, who are often overlooked, they initiated a Foundation which dreams of impacting the lives of millions.

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To accelerate the mindset shift by connecting her with their right to equality.


Equity and Equality. That’s it. That’s all we want.


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“Hacking for an Empowered Nepal” is a comprehensive initiative that revolves around crucial themes, namely governance, art and culture, economic empowerment, health and lifestyle, and sustainability in Nepal. Participants in this initiative will delve deep into these vital domains, crafting innovative solutions intended to catalyze tangible, positive change and empowerment across Nepal.