About us

Shequal Foundation is devoted to serving women, especially those who need us the most, to reach their fullest potential.

Our Story

In no society do men and women perform equal roles, nor do they have equal access to school, labor, professional possibilities, or economic resources. As a result, political and economic leadership is distributed unequally, resulting in gender inequalities in the enjoyment of economic and social development advantages. Regardless of the fact that women’s accomplishments are more recognized now than they were 25 years ago, there is still a long way to go.

Shequal Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that lets individuality of a person be recognized, respected and included in actions affecting their lives. Our foundation runs with a mission to eradicate the gender gap prevalent in most career fields by ensuring equal involvement and leadership.

We have been working through our two initiatives, Girls in Tech Nepal and Women in Big Data Nepal.

“The most effective way to do it is to do it. “

                                                    –Amelia Earhart


Our Story | Shequal Foundation

Mission and Vision

We are an organization committed to improving the ecosystem by ensuring the equal perspective of men and women in all the actions affecting their lives.


Social Cultural Shift
Economic Empowerment

Our Objectives


Erase the sterotypical gender gap existing in the industry.


Provide a platform where women learn to be independent and strong.


Make women equipped with the tools and technology required for change.

Founder’s Message

Anjani Phuyal, Founder

Equality doesn’t come by asking but by earning. We are working to bring equality to women by providing a platform where they can be themselves, express, learn, and grow.

Balance is a difficult word, but as I took this journey, I know where I stand; and I believe in everyone’s dream as if they were mine, therefore I have been bending over myself to help every individual fulfill their dream. This is what we want to bring through Shequal Foundation, a balance of choice. 

We founded Shequal Foundation because we believe every girl has a different story to narrate. We want to bring that story out in the world. We want to be the voice to the unheard, give power to women to make sure they are empowered. As an empowered woman, she can bring positive changes in her life and her community. 

Managing Director’s Message

We live in a society where a girl has to think twice before she could express her inner motivation and choice. In scenarios like such, technology being the forefront of innovation is lagging the voice of the woman which unfortunately was suppressed unknowingly. 

Through Shequal Foundation, we aspire to create a common platform for girls of different ages, so that they can develop and enhance their skills and enjoy the professional career journey. 

There is always a conflict that a woman goes through in life, either to choose what her heart wants or to choose what others want her to be. Through our journey we will give them that choice, we will make sure today no woman is left back just because she represents herself as a female. 

Shequal Foundation as we call it is a happy place for all the women to help them represent themself strongly wherever they go just the way she is. As we move in this journey, you will hear her stories while she learns, relearns, and unlearns herself and we will make sure she won’t stop exploring. Welcome to this part of the world where women are breaking the wheel for a change.

Melisha Ghimire, Managing Director

Astha Sharma, Managing Director