We conduct diverse events regularly in order to engage and give back to our community.

Shequal Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to improving the ecosystem by ensuring the equal perspective of men and women in all actions affecting their lives. Our mission is to recognize, respect, and include the individuality of women by equipping and empowering them. We aim to create a world where there is a balance of choices and no woman is left behind just because she is female. The foundation is based in Nepal and focuses on equipping and empowering women, as well as eradicating the inbuilt orthodox patriarchal ecosystem.

For the same, we conduct various events based on our 6 aspects, namely, Technology, Economic Empowerment, Socio-Cultural Shift, Advocacy and Governance, Health & Lifestyle and Art and Culture. The event aims to empower women and girls to take a stand and become skilled, equipped and knowledgeable in their respective chosen fields. Below, take a look at the events we have conducted successfully so far!

Featured Events

Hacking for Empowered Nepal : Nepal’s Largest All Female Hackathon

Role Play: I am an Investor

A seat at the Table: Policy for progress

Our Implementing Partners

“Hacking for an Empowered Nepal” is a comprehensive initiative that revolves around crucial themes, namely governance, art and culture, economic empowerment, health and lifestyle, and sustainability in Nepal. Participants in this initiative will delve deep into these vital domains, crafting innovative solutions intended to catalyze tangible, positive change and empowerment across Nepal.