The ScootHer event is an empowering initiative organized by the Shequal Foundation aimed at equipping young girls with practical skills in scooter repair and maintenance. The primary goal is to foster independence among girls, especially in situations of emergency while riding scooters. Aligned with the Shequal Foundation's socio-cultural shift objectives, ScootHer challenges the stereotype that only men should possess skills in bike maintenance. The event strives to empower every girl with the ability to learn and excel in scooter repair, inspiring them to challenge traditional gender roles and feel more self-assured. Led by experienced instructors, the event guides participants through the process of crafting their own scooters, teaching crucial repair techniques for basic scooter parts like mirrors, mobil ability checks, servicing, and ensuring overall functionality. Additionally, girls will learn fundamental safety protocols, maintenance practices, and troubleshooting tips crucial for ensuring their scooters run smoothly. ScootHer welcomes girls of all ages who hold an interest in acquiring new skills and gaining independence. It promises a blend of fun and education, offering a supportive environment where girls can explore and develop their abilities without limitations.

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