Her Journey 

We feature stories about life and struggles, about success and failure. We celebrate women in every possible way we can. Each month, we’re introducing a new woman from our community, and we hear their insights—professional and personal—into the challenges and victories they’ve experienced. Stories have meaning, and Shequal wants to be their voice. Through #HerStruggle #HerFailure #HerSuccess, we want to portray the life of a female who has broken all the stereotypes. To this date, we have featured almost 25+ females from various backgrounds.

At a Glance

Aspects Covered

Advocacy & Governance and Socio-cultural Shift


Total Number of Participants


Students and professionals


  • Foundational Skills
  • Transferable and Life Skills
  • Mentorship Program
  • Interpersonal Skills


  • Showcase real-life stories of women.
  • Provide role models for younger girls to pursue their aspirations.
  • Bridge the generation gap, connecting established women.
  • Create a platform and build a supportive community.
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“Hacking for an Empowered Nepal” is a comprehensive initiative that revolves around crucial themes, namely governance, art and culture, economic empowerment, health and lifestyle, and sustainability in Nepal. Participants in this initiative will delve deep into these vital domains, crafting innovative solutions intended to catalyze tangible, positive change and empowerment across Nepal.