From a family of six, all who rely on domestic agriculture for their livelihood, Tika Gharti really knows the importance of hard work and dedication. Every day she assists her parents with their farm chores before and after school. 

Agriculture plays a pivotal role in shaping Tika and her family’s life, despite which, she never misses her classes, because she firmly believes in the transformative power of education.

Discussing the taboos

Through the KISHORI project, TIka found hope in her aspirations to make a change. The opportunity to learn about menstrual hygiene, the dos and don’ts during that phase, and discuss them with her friends and family which are otherwise largely considered as taboos. 

Through the SRHR classes run by the Shequal Foundation, as part of the KISHORI project by Standard Chartered, Tika now knows about the consequences of delaying and ignoring issues with her cycle and understands the requirement of medical attention.

“We have learned so many important things about our health that cannot be neglected. Ma’am taught us about menstrual health and what to do and not to do during that phase. We now know more about the dos and don’ts during the cycle and to see a doctor if we experience any issue or delay in our cycle”, she said.

Understanding the difference

Now aware of her sexual and reproductive rights, Tika is now conscious of issues like good touch and bad touch and understands the importance of access to this knowledge. She is determined to advocate for these concerns and become a lawyer in the future who works specifically for girls and women like her. She believes that it is essential to ensure the well-being of not just an individual but society as a whole.

Despite facing challenges, she is committed to making a constructive contribution to her society. Her words are infused with enthusiasm and certainty, indicating her unwavering dedication to guaranteeing that every girl in her community has equal access to comparable opportunities in the times ahead.

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