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“A woman who does not have access to tech is disempowered due to a lack of voice and participation in the information sphere”

Despite being at the forefront of innovation today, technology is still not easily accessible to the average woman. This is due to their appalling lack of representation in STEAM. Access to technology and information plays a huge role in cementing gender inequality, especially in developing countries like Nepal. It factors in women’s empowerment through capacity building and can give them a voice and the opportunity to participate within the information sphere. In today’s day and age, a woman devoid of technology is potentially disempowered, and the Shequal Foundation, through its 360-degree approaches, looks to change that by providing rigorous in-depth training to acquire technical skills. We have also been actively working on diversity initiatives to provide hands-on experience that intends to bolster the confidence of young girls to pursue a career in tech and to bridge the gender divide.

Projects Related to Technology

“Hacking for an Empowered Nepal” is a comprehensive initiative that revolves around crucial themes, namely governance, art and culture, economic empowerment, health and lifestyle, and sustainability in Nepal. Participants in this initiative will delve deep into these vital domains, crafting innovative solutions intended to catalyze tangible, positive change and empowerment across Nepal.