Our Story

Belonging to a minority in every aspect of life and an environment that serves patriarchy has been fostering females, no matter where they were born. Every woman has a story to narrate and few stanzas of each scenario are similar. Shequal is the byproduct of these experiences of two females who came together to reshape how women are portrayed in stories told and reflected. Even though the tale of today is different from how it used to be, the challenges women face now have added layers.

Two aspiring students both having engineering educational background who after facing disparity in the patriarchal society by having to represent themselves in a room full of men throughout their undergrad, Ms Astha was also actively serving as a community leader for a local community named as Girls in Technology (GIT) and Ms Melisha was also very much active and present herself within the Microsoft community. And no matter how small of a country Nepal might deem to be, never did they ever come across or even heard of one another despite working extensively at the community level within their respective platforms.

And while they continued their part of advocacy the more they kept working the more they became certain what they were doing was just not enough and more needed to be done as, for a dream as immense as theirs required a bigger foundation. So, as they were becoming a voice for the women who were challenging their own biases every day, they could actually feel their work impacting lives. This further pushed them towards a different extension where they sensed a clear sense of urgency to bring their work to the provinces all over Nepal and to the doors of the women who are very often overlooked.

To change this narrative, they initiated the Shequal Foundation as a reflection of their dream to reach all of Nepal. Through Girls in Tech, they have already touched 100 lives and now is their opportunity to multiply this effect to an extent that impacts the lives of millions. Ms. Astha and Ms. Melisha Ghimire, can not just be considered as a sheer example of feminism but are also among those individuals who came together for a cause, believed in it, and have dedicated every second of their lives to making a difference in the ecosystem of gender disparity. They now want both men and women to write history equally, despite the fact that history was traditionally written by just men.. And in this fight, they do not want to leave men behind but are willing to cater men to bridge the gender prevalent gap. Shequal is an organization built with the effort, sleepless nights, hardwork and vision of each and everyone involved with us, where we both happen to be the driving force behind.


We work to elevate women all over the country."


Astha & Melisha

As we move in this journey, you will hear her stories while she learns, relearns, and unlearns herself but won’t stop. Welcome to this part of the world where women are breaking the wheel for change.

We are a network of women where we seek for real change, enduring change which happens one step at a time. This is a place where she learns, grows, and inspires. Here, we believe if provided the proper infrastructure, there is nothing a female can’t achieve.

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Our Team

Astha Khatri

Strategy and Operations Manager

Siza Aryal

Project Manager

Urja Newa

Event Manager

Sejal Pradhan

Grant and Documentation Officer

Sarjana Bariya

Junior Branding and Marketing Officer

Chetana Shrestha

Junior Graphics Designer