WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY | Ms. Shanti Laxmi Shakya


Her Childhood and Academics

She was born in a village in eastern Nepal, Ms. Shanti Laxmi Shakya is the eldest daughter of four siblings in her family. As the eldest daughter of her family, she has been responsible since her childhood days. Shakya at a young age was a diffident person. She is known as a helpful, loving, and inspirational for many women.

Unlike many others, her journey of learning has been a challenge since her childhood. Although Shakya was one of the most active students in her class, due to her family’s poor economic situation, she had to drop out after 7th grade. Her teachers were impressed with her academic achievement, which is why her school principal Mr. Rudra Pradhan has provided her free study seats. The support of her family and teachers has been a great strength for Shakya. She completed her S.L.C. from Bhojpur.

The real struggle began when Shakya arrived in Kathmandu to study for her intermediate studies. She talked about how challenging it was to work and study both at the same time. She knitted sweaters in the evening to make money and in the morning she went to classes. She loved to learn new languages ​​and, at the same time, was able to learn Japanese. She mentioned how her mother stood there to help her whenever she needed it. She graduated with a law degree from Padma Kanya College and a Master’s in Public Administration and a Master’s in Anthropology from Tribhuwan University, Kirtipur.



Ms. Shanti Laxmi Shakya has been serving in her career since the early days. Work was always important to her at first, she remained single and devoted her life to serving the people by working day and night. Shakya initiated her career at the very first Town Development Committee of Nepal(T.D.C) at Kuleshwor Awas Aayog. 

With the motto “Learning is a never-ending process” he often participated in many training. This training helped her to grow in her self-esteem, her confidence building. When talking about women’s participation, she mentioned the lesser involvement of women. She has served as a  MD of NEA, Board of Directors of Chilema Hydro Power. In line with that, she is associated with organizations; ISAP, General Secretary of TDC.

Gender Biasness Taking a Toll

Shakya revealed that she did not feel discriminated against until the first days of her career. But like most of us, she has passed through a period in which she feels uneasy compared to her male associates. She got selected for Rashtriya Banijya Bank and Nepal Electricity Authority. After working for a few days at RBB she decided to work for the NEA.

When she was appointed as PA of Director and other male colleagues were appointed as head of the various branches of the NEA, it was there that she felt biased. But she amazed all colleagues and directors with her dedication towards hard work and was promoted to the administration section of NEA. Therefore, she proved that there is no greater or lesser work.



Miracles of a Teamwork 

Shakya believes that one person cannot run a company, for a smooth run it needs several devoted members, and it needs a strong team. While talking about the strength of working as a team, she talked about the most memorable day of her career, on Laxmi Puja 2018, the team of Shakya and Kulman Ghising( MD of the NEA),  worked together continuously and it was the day when the Load Shedding ended in Nepal. She has played a significant role in removing Load shedding in Nepal.

Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress

Working together is success

Her experience in France

In her journey in France, a twinning program was signed between NEA and France Electricity that was associated with the human resources management system. During the training system, Shakya lived in Paris for 2 months. She came to know about the filing system of data in France and implemented such a system in NEA. She gave a talk show about the conditions of women in tech in Nepal to the women of France in Tech fields.



Ms. Shanti Laxmi Shakya has been honored by various organizations. She has been awarded cash prizes for her works. She was awarded the Corporate women of the year in 2018. She was also awarded Gorkha Dakshin Bahu.




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