The Future is

An initiative to connect all the Nepalese women  in STEAM

The Future is Female

Connecting Nepalese Women in STEAM from All Around the World.

The Future is Female is an initiative to connect all the Nepalese women who are either pursuing their career or are professionally engaged in the STEAM field. This is an act to normalize the equality that women deserve in every aspect of life including their space in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.  

We believe that a female can study whatever she wants and become whoever she desires. Women have shown that they are becoming more strong and persistent despite all the odds. Following the saying, “You can’t be what you can’t see” this is a platform where you see like-minded people, develop our profile, and expand our network which inspires us to realize that we are unstoppable.

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Why join us?

Because you are not alone





Who can apply?

“Women shouldn’t be afraid to put themselves forward.” – Sarah Wood

Join us and inspire more women to be the future of STEAM

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Really The Future is Female?

Females can study and take any career

57.4% of Women literacy rate

 increment in the number of women in education.

44% of primary school position

are held by females, growing number of females in teaching.

32.73% of female representation

in the national parliament in Nepal in 2019.

Approx. 70% of Women

aged 15- 49 own a phone, indicates access to Technology.

Nepalese Women in STEAM

Join, inspire, and be inspired

It wasn’t that easy, coming all the way here. In defying the stereotype, it was their hard work and commitment. Meet Nepalese women all over the world and be inspired by their STEAM journey today.