Failure is not a full stop. – Ms. Neeta Phuyal

This month, Girls in Tech Nepal featured Ms. Neeta Phuyal, a system and QA analyst in the series of Her Journey. Talking with Girls in Tech Nepal, Ms. Neeta shared about the incredible and inspiring journey of her life.

Early Childhood and Academic Journey

Born in Mulpani Kathmandu, Ms. Neeta Phuyal considers herself lucky to have really supportive parents who believed in the power of education over marriage. Ms. Neeta was the youngest child of her parents with a free-spirit and bold personality. She completed her SLC from the local boarding school and joined +2 in the science stream.

After completing high school, Ms. Neeta gave the entrance exam for computer engineering. With her hard work, she was able to pass the exam with a scholarship. After joining engineering, she was totally shocked to see only eight girls out of forty in her class. She shares that her computer engineering journey was really a challenge for her. She encountered much hardship to fit in the environment. But Ms.Neeta shifted her focus on growing herself accepting all the challenges in establishing herself and finding a good job. 

Career Findings

After completing her bachelor’s in computer engineering, Ms. Neeta wanted to gain some industrial experience. She started to apply for jobs and was succeed to land on few. She started her career as a programmer in a company. After working as a programmer, she realized that she was not enjoying what she was doing. After that, she again started to look for other jobs and landed in testing. She found testing really interesting that helped her to think out of the box. In order to expand her skills, she shifted to few more companies. Ms. Neeta said that only manual testing was done back then. When Ms. Neeta found about automation testing, she wanted to learn more about it. As automation tests in the Nepalese market were not available, she found one in India, but she thought it was not feasible for her to go to India for a certification.

But it did not stop Neeta to expand her learning, she taught herself database, and other skills to enhance her knowledge in QA. To train herself, she joined companies and sharpen her practical skills. In the meantime, she also joined different extra lessons to improve her communication and interpersonal skills.

Work Experience in Australia

In 2014, she and her husband moved to Australia in order to expand their learning boundaries. As she was an experienced QA in Nepal, she was quite sure that she would get a good job in Australia as well. But she was not aware that the working culture of these two countries was totally different. The first and major difference she found was the culture of learning through research.

Ms. Neeta started seeking jobs but was not able to succeed. After months of rejections and interviews, she realized that the qualification she had was not enough in the new land. Then she decided to gain some skills and certifications in order to meet the requirements of employers.

Although she had successfully obtained certificates, she was struggling to find a job as a QA. She then decided to search for another technical job and found a post in a family-owned business for content management. As the company was based in IoT, she is learning more about the new technology. She is now considering shifting her focus to IoT.

Challenges and Opportunities

Even if you fail, you just have to keep trying. There is always an opportunity. – Ms. Neeta Phuyal

Ms. Neeta explained that dealing with rejection was not easy for her. Through all those rejections and failures, she did not limit herself from learning and gaining new knowledge. She kept trying and sharpening her skills. She believed in the power of hard work and never giving up. And now she wants all the young girls to keep trying, even if they fail, she encourages them to keep walking. There is always a better opportunity for those who keep up the journey.

Biographic Summary

Starting her journey from a small village in the outskirts of Kathmandu, she was one of the very few females to join the rank of Engineers. Even when she moved to Australia and had a hard time getting a suitable opportunity, she did not get disappointed and worked on gaining more knowledge by finishing courses like ISTQB certification, AWS Fundamentals, ITIL, Cisco IoT fundamentals, to name a few. Ms. Neeta Phuyal now is an experienced Systems & QA Analyst, who recently shifted her focus to the Internet of Things. Her journey of learning and achievements is a source of inspiration for many of us. 

About Her Journey

Her Journey is an initiative by Girls in Tech Nepal. We help the younger generation find the role model they didn’t know they were looking for. We are bringing real-life stories with the Her Journey Series.

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