A story of hardwork, patience, and resilience | Her Journey with Ms. Mona Nyachhyon 


 I aim to be the next version of myself in the upcoming years. – Ms. Mona Nyachhyon 



For the month of June, Girls in Tech Nepal features Ms. Mona Nyachhyon, the founder of Monal technology – for her journey series. In this session, we had a sneak peek into Ms. Mona’s personal and professional lives. As a hardcore tech personality, she had some handy tips for the youngsters. 


Early Childhood and Education 


Growing up, Ms. Mona Nyachhyon was a relentless learner – always seeking to gain knowledge. Amongst her family and friends, she was best known for her impeccably hard-working habits. She had piqued interest in science and mathematics since childhood – hence we can guess her inclination towards problem-solving and tech. Although she had no idea about her future endeavours, she was exceptional at academics. Interestingly when she was in the eighth standard, she would teach programming to her seniors in the tenth. Since it was a cult in Nepalese society that girls should pursue MBBS, and boys should pursue engineering as their career, her parents thought the same of her.


Witnessing the respect towards the MBBS field, Ms. Mona opted for biology in her high school. However, she would find solving numerical in Physics more fulfilling than the biology texts. Even though she got a scholarship in MBBS, she decided to go with engineering for her Bachelor’s. She was phenomenal in her studies and was once even a university topper. 


In her early days in engineering, she opened a computer institute – where she worked as a computer instructor. Someday in the institute, she would also repair the computer parts. For training in her institute, she would find only male students and not any female students. Also, during engineering, the male ratio was more to the female. Surprisingly in some group projects, she would be the only girl in the entire male group. 


Career Path 


Early Career 


Right after college, Ms. Mona applied for various job posts – the job selection was a fair competition. She applied for a job vacancy, where there were 3000 applicants and amongst such a large number, she managed to be one of the five people. Due to her keen-eyed aptitude, every day or week used to be a new job offer. But, she refused to switch her job for almost five years. When she landed her first job, she was pregnant with her first child. Hence, she thought the switching would be hectic for her to look after her baby, plus she was happy with her then job. 


The transition from Tech to Management 


“Title could be different, but I was serving in IT” 


In her subsequent years of career, she became a CEO – a young female CEO. A very few believed her position as CEO since she was very young and top of that a female. Unknowingly, people would assume it’s her husband’s company or a small scale. When she started as a CEO, she was unaware of the position. Before this high-post role, she already had worked as an operational manager. In her position, she worked as a technical person, and a manager, and even took rounds of interviews as a Human Resource(HR). Since the company was a tech company, the scenario wasn’t entirely new or different to her. 


As a Founder of a Company 


In most parts of her career, she worked in foreign companies – hence knew a little about the Nepalese market. However, she always dreamed of owning a company and creating something of her own. Following her ambition, she opened her company Monal Tech in August 2020. 


Ms. Mona Nyachhyon has been working for 12-16 hours daily for a longer period because it gives her a sense of happiness, contentment, and establishment. Her inspirations for working persistently and arduously are the women around her – the housewives, her mother, and the working women. Thus, she doesn’t find it to be surprising for her work dedicatedly. 


Throughout her career, her colleagues were welcoming and warm toward her. Although she wished to have a few more female colleagues around her, her gender didn’t stop her to show her calibre. Ms. Mona is always thankful to her colleagues and juniors – who gave her constructive feedback – which only further bettered her. 


The Government in Nepal awarded her for motivating young people in the IT sector. She was nominated for the IT award in Silicon Valley, USA, and Asia nominated for the IT for leading the IT team. Also, she got a nomination for the women in IT of the year award in Asia, Singapore.



Early days of Motherhood: the lowest point of her life 


“Whatever has gone, has gone” 


As she was pregnant with her first child during her first job, it was a mighty hurdle she had to tackle. Ms. Mona took about 45 days of maternity leave to look after her newborn baby. Still, she regrets not taking a longer period of leave. During break-time, she would visit her baby to breastfeed and return to the office. For her, resuming back to work was also challenging- it felt like she was lagging back and missed out on several things. However, she now stays firm on decisions she made years ago because whatever has gone – has gone. 




Tips to young entrepreneurs 


After working in the tech industry for more than a decade, Ms. Mona Nyachhyon has three tips for the youngster to start their business venture:


  1. Proper Groundwork/research/mind-mapping
  2. Networking
  3. Financial back-up 


Also, she believes that more than technical knowledge, business insights are more important while running a company. For companies, it is of utmost importance to understand that it is not merely one person’s job. An excellent future vision and supervision are fundamentally supreme for starting your venture. 


Message to freshers/students 


“IT is knowledge business.” 


If you are a fresher or student, focus your time on grooming your skills and knowledge. Don’t run after money but after acquiring knowledge and skill sets. If you have enough talent – you will not have any problem getting a job. The IT sector competition is global – hence it is essential to prepare accordingly.


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