“I always believed in self-competition, it actually helped me grow and be the better version of myself.”

Girls in Tech Nepal recently featured Ms.Ankita Yadav, an engineer and an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Science and Technology at Rajarshi Janak University, in her journey talk series. Talking with Girls in Tech Nepal, Ms. Ankita shared about the incredible and inspiring journey of her life.

Early childhood and Education

Ankita yadav was born and brought up in the small town of malangawa, in sarlahi district. Ms.Yadav would like to recall her childhood with a lot of memories that she will cherish for the rest of her life. As a child, she was funloving, carefree, and fearless. Being the youngest child of her parent she was always bold and ambitious. she got her early education from one of the public schools in malangawa. She considers herself to be very lucky to receive a good education as not every girl from her community was that privileged. She belonged from a community where marrying a girl to a rich family was prioritize over educating her. So she could see many girls of her age carrying tons of responsibilities on their shoulders instead of carrying books.

After completing SLC she came to Kathmandu and joined United Acadamy for her high school education which was one of the turning points in her life. United Acadamy plays a very important role in her life. Besides the course curriculum there she got a chance to polish her soft skills. She worked hard, did excellent in her studies, and was ready for her future. After leaving united academy she set herself on a new journey of being a computer engineer.

Parents as the greatest back supporters

Ankita Yadav considers her parents as one of the greatest cheerleaders in her life. They constantly supported her in each and everything that she did. Especially her father rose above the traditional mentality of the community and always encouraged her to do what she loves. He never forced anything on her and always was there by her side. She says

 “My father is my biggest source of inspiration, he always taught me to fearlessly follow my dreams.”

She is always thankful for everything that her parents did for her.

Choosing a career path

After completing her bachelor’s she knew that she was heading towards a completely new phase of her life. Life definitely didn’t serve her that easy. she started doubting herself, started questing the value of the degree that she owns. She also knew the journey wasn’t going to be easy. But she managed to work hard, she worked on polishing her technical skills, programming skills and worked in a couple of companies where she leveraged her technical knowledge and learned a lot of things.

But her inner self was always chasing her, asking her-is that it?

What’s next after this? What will be my next career move?

Career switching – Learnings and obstacles

As Ankita always mentioned that she was on a continuous journey of competing with herself, she wasn’t satisfied with whatever she was doing. Despite the fact that she was doing so well in the technological realm something was missing. There was still a void remaining. In the midst of everything, she joined Kathmandu University to pursue her master’s degree. There she got an opportunity to explore herself. The level of exposure that she got from the research work in KU was commendable. There she got to discover a different side of her and she was loving it.

Then she joined Rajarshri Janak university as an associate lecturer. Life at Rajarshi wasn’t as easy as she anticipated it to be. Being only one female teacher in the entire computer science department in itself was challenging for her and she finds it difficult to gel up with other male counterparts. Her voice was less heard. Many times she was even criticized and told that she doesn’t deserve the position that she was in. but she never let those opinions control her life. Instead, she focused on what’s important. And proved everyone wrong through her action. The constant respect and support that she got from her students was a motivating factor for her.

And wherever she is standing today she is extremely PROUD of herself.

Turning challenges into fuel

Ankita says that she never took challenges as a burden but she always sought something out of those challenges. An unplanned journey that she started from a small town of malangawa to the city of dreams Kathmandu was in itself a big challenge for her. From racial discrimination to gender disparity she has gone through it all. But she believed that these challenges never let her morale down but instead made her stronger and gave her more clarity towards life. She always took criticism as a way of improving herself. She never let other people’s judgment affect her life.

Message to all the young girls

According to Ankita, the only thing that’s holding us back from pursuing our dream is the fear that we have within ourselves. The fear of not feeling accepted, the fear of competition, the fear of being judged and the list goes on. According to her, one drawback of today’s generation is trying to achieve success by doing everything very fast but they need to understand that the true essence of success doesn’t lie in doing everything fast and early. But you need to be patient. Try to understand your core self, try to understand what actually you want to do with your life, and then put your 100% effort to achieve it, the rest will just fall your way. No matter where you come from, what your economic status is, what gender you are, your dreams are valid. Never underestimate the power that you hold with yourselves.

  ” Believe in yourself and be FEARLESS! “

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